Universty Politehnica Bucharest itnents to submit a project on 01.10.2018, regarding the next generation materials for high efficiency geothermal wells. To fulfill the project implementation UPB provides for the interested SME to become partners in the project, to transmit a letter of interes untill 26.09.2018 to University Politehnica Bucharest at the email: ioana.apostolescu@upb.ro.
The letter should contain
The justification of the company in the project,
Experience in similar projects
Potential contribution in the project activities:
A.1. Developing at a matrix to identify the principal problems for geothermal wells efficiency.
A.1. Developing of new sacrificial casing for geothermal wells.
A.2. Testing in situ the proposed coatings for sacrificial casings.
A.3. Developing of a matrix for sacrificial coatings coatings.
A5. Management and dissemination.
For supplementary information please see the website:
or contact us at the e-mail : ioana.apostolescu@upb.ro